British Museum and Bible Tours in London

Tour 1: The Stones are Crying Out

Although pieces of propaganda, the unearthed Assyrian Stones cry out that the Bible is right. See the sad outcome of Judean inhabitants at Sennacherib's Palace.  

Tour 2: Jehovah is a God of True Prophecy

Jehovah alone is the true God, able to foretell the future -centuries in advance. Compare the artefacts unearthed in the territories of Assyria, Babylon and Medo Persia, with Isaiah's prophecies.  

Tour 3: This is History Written in Advance


Alexander the Great his sudden rise to fame - his premature demise.

Powerful Caesars of Rome.

Daniel Accurately describes these events in fine detail.


Tour 4: Problems Faced by Early Christians

What problems did first century Christians in Greece and Rome have to face? How did they overcome them? Are these different today?  

Tour 5: Surviving a Famine

What was the inspired arrangement to survive the seven year famine in Egypt in Joseph's time? What was the purpose served by the 10 plagues? Unearthed Egyptian artifacts and your Bible provide the answers.  

Tour 6: 'Choose for Yourselves' (Joshua 24:14-15)


You will be surprised to view Egyptian customs and deities that have carried on being popular in this 21st century!


Tour 7: The Bible and its Fight to Live CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Has the Bible been changed? Famous old Bibles. Well-known old manuscripts of the Bible. What devious methods were unsuccessfully used by the Bible's enemies trying to destroy God's Word? What is the Bible's bloodstained history? NOT RUNNING TEMPORARILY  

Tour 8: Examples of Loyal Obedience

See evidence of Ur's prosperity and 'Parisian' high fashion which Abraham and Sarah left behind. Was Jehovah cruel in decreeing the extermination of the Canaanites?  

Tour 9: 'Keep your Eyes on the Prize'


Rome was renowned for its Gladiatorial Games and its mighty army using deadly missiles. Popular Grecian Games attracted great crowds. Paul used these topical events in striking illustrations.

Of what value to us today?


Tour 10: The Rise of the 7th World Power


Coach Tour. Though not specifically named, London figured at the hub in a remarkable fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8. Examine the successes of the Bible's Seventh World Power in the light of Daniel's book.


City of London
2 1/2 hours with your bus

Tour 11: 'Time Matters'


Global measurements of time and space are based at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Contrast the Bible's teaching with popular beliefs through the ages regarding the earth and sun. What was involved in the struggle to find the 'impossible clock'?

Royal Observatory
1 hour at Greenwich

Tour 12: United in a Disunited World

Tour begins opposite the Houses of Parliament. Walk through the pages of history. You view the first ever location of the United Nations when it emerged from the "abyss" and before being located in New York. You see many of Revelation's prophecies became fulfilled.  

London 1 1/2 hours walk


British Museum and Bible Tours in London 


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